Science Doesn’t Lie

February gave us a week-long preview of what will shortly be the norm, but right now it’s cold and I hate it. I can’t even fully extend my bird finger.  And since I’m currently in Florida, that means I can’t drive anywhere.

But with the approaching spring, my sites will soon be set on the Dip where I plan to spend some time. You see, I’ve been on a long, hellish work project for the last year and a half which has allowed very little free time. It could also be the reason my bird finger isn’t working so well these days. Overuse can really strain the body parts at my age.

Speaking of which, I woke up a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t read my phone. I thought to myself, “Boy, my eyes are sleepy today.” Then I wondered why everyone was writing in bar codes. Then I put glasses on and gave the universe the bird.

So now I have these damn glasses to carry everywhere. I’ve purchased and lost about 87 pairs. Of course, there is one pair I’ve been able to hold onto since the beginning and it looks like they spent a week on I-75. All twisted, scratched and mangled. I’m wearing them right now.

And you know those little clear plastic pieces that cover the sharp metal bits that stick into your nose? Those are gone. So I get to see, but I have to stab my face.

I just wanted you to know my sacrifice to bring you these words. I could be watching television. I can still see that without wrapping my face in jagged metal.

Speaking of TV, I really like it. My favorite part is how I get to sit there and do nothing while being entertained. Fabulous invention.

Speaking of sitting there and doing nothing, naked poolside sunning is also great for that. And guess what? We are only days away from this reality, as the cold is on its way out (with my bird chasing it) and the warm weather will be here to stay (unbirded by me for the duration of its visit).

But seriously. If you’ve never been to Serendipity Park (or any nudist park) and are thinking about visiting one for the first time, I don’t think it’s possible to find a better place to dip your toe into the pool. There’s a reason Serendipity members are now a 7 time recipient of AANR’s national award for outstanding friendliness. And it’s just so true.

At Serendipity Park, you won’t only find a a unique, relaxing, satisfying (possibly thrilling) experience, but you’ll find friends. Real friends.

If you haven’t yet visited the site to learn more about the park, you can do so here.

If you have visited the site, are reading this post and haven’t yet visited the park, come on, already! Science has already proven that people who listen to me are happier. *


*”Science” is the name of my hamster, but he’s really, really smart.






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