Memorial Day Weekend Super-Celebration And Season Kick-off!

You read it right. It’s kick-off time! And not a minute too soon. As a matter of fact, the park has already been bustling with activity. People couldn’t wait for the kick-off. And can you blame them? No. You can’t. No one likes a blamer, anyway.

It officially starts today and if you haven’t yet made your plan to visit Serendipity Park this weekend, you should go ahead and do that now. I promise you won’t regret it. It’s not only the best nudist park in Georgia, it’s the best one in the world. (At least in my opinion.)

The crew at “The Dip” really goes big for this event, so what you can expect is non-stop fun from morning until… ??? If you’re one of those that likes to stay up until the sun joins you, I’m sure you won’t be alone. And if you’re one of those that just wants to soak up the sun, play games and enjoy the company of those that helped gain Serendipity it’s 7th Friendliest Park award, you can just do that. Or you can do all of it.

Oh yeah! Food! Tons of food. You can bring your own, but I’m not going to. Nothing I can make is nearly as good as the food that’s on tap for this weekend. That said, I only know how to make Pop Tarts, but those are excellent. So if I say the food is going to be better than a Pop Tart, then that’s extremely high praise.

And music! Yeah! That, too.

Many reading this have been visiting the park for years, but I know we have some that haven’t yet “dipped” their toe in the pool, so to speak. If that’s you, what are you waiting for? An invitation? Done. I just invited you. Now you have no excuse.

For more information on events, directions or just to review the awesomeness of what is Serendipity Park, take a look at the new (and very nicely done) Serendipity Park website. Happy Memorial Day, everyone!



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