Planes, Trains And Automobiles: Part 2 (I Did It! I Wrote A Part 2!)

Maine Picture

It’s difficult to complain after you’ve spent a few days looking at this view, but I’ve never been one to let difficulty get in my way. Wait. I take that back. I do let it get it in my way. A lot, actually. I guess complaining is where I make an exception.

Anywho, I’ve just spent about 60 hours on planes, trains and automobiles. My neck is killing me. I feel like Spock has been trying to subdue me for 5 days.

The other day I had a moment where it didn’t hurt and thought it was getting better. I assumed I could resume my normal head-swiveling activities, but noooo. I made the mistake of looking to the left. I don’t know what I was thinking. At some point I’ll have to accept I’m not in my twenties anymore and can’t go turning my head without stretching first.

I do all the right things, too. I eat, drink liquid, use my arms/legs and breathe oxygen when I’m not smoking (still breathing oxygen between puffs). I even sleep. That’s very important. Ask any doctor. I don’t get it.

So let me tell you about Maine. It is very beautiful. There are many friendly people there. And there are many unfriendly people there. Let me give you an example:

I was backing out of a parking spot when I noticed a kindly elderly woman with a suitcase about to walk behind my car. Rather than run over her, I stopped and waved her by.

A few seconds later she was tapping on my window. I lowered it and rather than mace her, I said, “Hi.”

She said, “I thought you might be from Georgia when you let me pass. I saw your tag. I’m also from there. Anyway, just thought I’d say ‘thanks’!”

There you have it. An appreciative word from a visiting elderly woman for not running her over. It was the nicest thing anyone said to me the whole time I was there.

I also had to learn the various pronunciations of the towns so I wasn’t identified as someone not from Maine. And a lot of those pronunciations are seemingly different from the letters they’ve laid out before you. It’s a trap.

Again, I would like to say there are many friendly people there. I don’t want to give the impression that everyone who lives there is a jerk. Especially if you’re from there. You’re one of the good ones. I can feel it.

Fortunately for me, I have a beautiful place to go where the people are friendly. So friendly, in fact, they’ve now been awarded AANR’s Koch Award (for outstanding friendliness) 7 times, including 2016. I’ve not met one person there who would run someone over on purpose. I’m talking about, of course, Serendipity Park.

If you’re looking for something to do this Labor Day weekend, you just found it. The blowout of the summer is happening and you won’t want to miss it.

(Happy Birthday, Stuart!)






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