Mercury Is Broken

So I was talking to my sister yesterday and she was telling me Mercury is in retrograde. I think that’s bs. Mercury should be getting an upgrade by now. That thing is at least a thousand years old. Whatever. I’ll fix it when I run space.

Apparently, the significance of this (other than incompetent space maintenance),  is that everyone gets agitated more easily or annoyed at others for something that normally wouldn’t be annoying.

Then I said to myself, “Hey, you have been getting annoyed a lot more lately.”

Then I said to myself, “Shut up! Why don’t you make yourself useful and go get me some cookies?”

It degraded from there.

After another hour of it, I went to get cookies and thought about it. I mean, after all that arguing, I still just did what I was going to do anyway. It was like even though I wanted to do it and was going to, I didn’t because I told myself to do it. Just to be defiant. Am I the problem? I don’t know. My point is this retrograde thing is kicking my butt.

Maybe Mercury was fine. Probably went in for its first scheduled thousand year maintenance, got the upgrade, made everyone a jerk and now they’re fixing it.

Perhaps I’ve jumped to conclusions on the state of our SMD (Space Maintenance Department). We’ll see. I’ll wait until they finish the retrograde before I make my final judgment, which will be swift and just.

If you’ve been feeling a little more agitated, less like your patient, loving, perfect self that is right all the time while all others around you are wrong and make you mad because of the wrongness of everything they say or do, it’s not your fault. Some tech guy screwed up. It will be fine.

My sister says it’s supposed to last through May, which means we’ll all just have to hang on and not kick each other. That could require some effort. Consider it practice for when Jupiter starts acting up.

I think the best prescription is go to a place where relaxation is effortless. A place where you can’t help but relax. A place where the night sky is so clear you can watch our boys work on Mercury, if nothing for your own peace of mind that it will soon be better.

I happen to know of such a place…



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