Spring Fling Music Jam

Have you ever had one of those weeks when you wish we didn’t have weeks? I’m having one of those, but it’s okay. There are good weeks that make the whole week thing seem like an okay idea. I don’t know. I’ll think about it and get back to you.

However, some ideas are so good it doesn’t take a genius to figure out they’re good ideas. Let me give you an example: Air. That was brilliant. Exactly what we needed. Can you imagine what it was like before air?

But that was hundreds of years ago, and now we can focus on present ideas. The best one being the Spring Fling Music Jam conceived by one master music-fest conceiver, Fergie.

The Annual Beach Ball at the end of the season? Fergie. His idea. He also has a smurf on his house. That would make 3 great ideas (that we know of), which is 3 more than I’ve had since ’89.

It’s happening on Saturday, April 9th and the weather is forecasted as sunny and clear. I even looked on a weather website, which is one step further than my usual looking at the sky in a particular direction. I’ll also stick my hand out every now and then. Sometimes I lick it first. I’m not sure if that helps. It’s just sometimes there’s residual chocolate on it.

The newsletter said the cabins are booked up but I’m guessing there are still a few tent/camper spots available. You could also just come for the day, yet it’s likely you’ll want to stay. If you’ve not visited before, this is a guaranteed good time. I’m personally guaranteeing it*.

*Any personal guarantee expressed or implied by me is not expressed or implied. You just might be the type of person that can’t have a good time and you probably shouldn’t come, anyway. Wait. I take back that whole thing about you shouldn’t come. You should come. Even if you’ve never had a good time before. This could be the first good time you’ve ever had, and I don’t want to rob you of that. I, however, cannot personally guarantee it. It’s a legal thing. You can look it up, but if you do, I will assume you are my enemy. This is exactly why I should never do guarantees on stuff. I mean, all the elements of a good time are there, I just need you to meet me half way. That’s all. So maybe you guarantee you’ll do that, in writing, and then this guarantee is sort of valid in no legally binding way. Because you would have to try to not have a good time here. Like oil = good times, you = water. Ok I think I’m covered. You’d think I wouldn’t have to go to such lengths, but some people are so litigious. And I’m way too lazy to look up actual legal stuff. Even if I did, I’d be thinking about candy 3 sentences in, like I am right now. I have to go.



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