Why Are You Thankful?

When I awoke last Thanksgiving, half of my face didn’t work. For those of you with faces, I assure you, it’s weird.

I know I’m not the only one ever to experience facial paralysis. There are millions of people this has happened to and they know how troubling it can be when you’re drooling uncontrollably or you can’t shut one of your eyes.

I can’t tell you how many times something was coming straight for my eye and I fully expected my eyelid to do something about it. But nooooooooooo… It totally let me get poked in the eye. Whatever.

“Chicks dig eye patches,” I’d joke to myself, “I can pretend like I’m in a soap opera. Then when I take off the eye patch, that’s my evil twin who goes around ruining my life, and all he really has to do is wear my eye patch and people think it’s me.” You get what I’m saying.

However, what chicks don’t dig is when food is falling out of your mouth while you’re chewing. And that’s another thing. If I was trying to eat a sandwich or something, which you know is my second favorite thing in the world (after Taco Bell), my lip would be pushed into my mouth, effectively becoming part of the sandwich.  Worse yet, it would also become part of a taco. Everything tasted like lip.

But hey. I’m a half-face full kinda guy. Even though it happened Thanksgiving day, the day of eating all that can be eaten, I couldn’t eat without also consuming my face. Did it suck? Yes. Was I going to let it ruin my day? Yes.

So most of that day I was Googling what happened, when I can expect (if I can expect) a recovery, etc. And luckily, most of what I read turned out to be pretty accurate.

It took about 6 months to recover to about 80% of the functionality it had before. A year later, I’m at about 90. I still have difficulty drinking through a straw, but that makes me giggle. I’m a simple man who is easily amused.

I wrote a post about this around the time I was making my recovery. I didn’t want to make a big deal about it and still don’t, I’m now reminded because Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I just hope the left side doesn’t go.

Oh yeah! I almost forgot. What caused the paralysis was Shingles. I got it on my neck, face, ear and head.

The facial paralysis was called RHS (Ramsey Hunt Syndrome), a rare occurrence in .01% of Shingles… People? Victims? Patients? I don’t know what they call us, as long as they don’t call us late for dinner. (Cymbal crashes)

My point to all of this is the reaction I received when I returned to the park, which was an outpouring of affection and caring. I learned everyone had been really concerned. It just made me remember how awesome the people at the Dip are, and I’m thankful I have a place there.

Speaking of dinner and the Dip (mmmmm… dinner), the annual Thanksgiving dinner will be held on November 21st.

And please don’t worry about my face. It’s fine. This is the face you should be worried about.


(Congrats to Stuart for winning this year’s Halloween costume contest! At least I think this is from the contest.)


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