Woo hoo!!

So I’m sitting here watching a basketball game after a long day of convincing people I’m right about everything, and then it hit me. MEMORIAL. DAY. WEEKEND. THIS WEEKEND. AT THE END OF THIS WEEK. AND INTO THE BEGINNING OF NEXT WEEK.

I know we’re all clear on how the whole week thing works, but after some of the conversations I’ve had today, I feel compelled to offer 18 explanations and hope one of them sticks.

You see, when people disagree with me at work I get all, “You are wrong. And maybe a little insane.” And they’re like, “I don’t like you very much.” Whatever.

You see, like many Americans (perhaps even you), I spend many days shaking my mind-fist at the day-to-day annoyances of life. Like today.

What I wanted to do is watch Kung Fu theater. I found a channel that shows it all day and, well, that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing.

But instead of watching “Shaolin Avengers” (again) today, I had to make money. And despite all my efforts, the Kung Fu channel won’t pay me to watch it. I think it’s a bunch of BS because I work from home and can just keep it on all the time (and am willing to do so). Whatever.

But guess what? There is light at the end of this tunnel we call “not being able to watch kung fu all day.” And it’s only a few short days away. The naked season kick off. Woo hoo!!


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