Accommodations For Oktoberfest in Helen, GA

So it’s Oktoberfest in Helen, Ga, and I understand there are tons and tons and tons of people walking around, eating schnitzel, drinking beer, eating other stereotypical German foods, etc. Many don’t know this, but Serendipity Park is only a stone’s throw away.

I’ve been to Helen several times and I always enjoy it. It’s quite beautiful, as is the entire area. There are shops, restaurants, places to fish (though I wouldn’t recommend it this month), and several ways a couple or family can kill some time and enjoy themselves. In fact, many visitors of the park were visiting Helen and said, “Hey, we should check out this nudist park. It’s only ten minutes away.” Then they come, fall in love, become a member and enjoy the rest of their lives. True story. So if you’re looking for accommodations for Oktoberfest in Helen, Ga, check this out:

Hotel rooms are for chumps. No offense, hotel people. I didn’t mean to call you “chumps.” That was just mean. Let me take that back and restate:

Hotel rooms are for chumps. Damn it. I’m sorry. Once I get something in my head I can’t get it out. I obsess. Chumps. Stop it! Ok I have to try again. Please be patient with me. I have issues.

I’m just saying for what is likely less money than you are paying right now, you can be staying in your own cabin with full amenities. Furthermore, without getting arrested, you can walk out on your balcony naked and stare at Mount Yonah. I’ve done this many times and, I have to tell you, it’s the best way to stare at a mountain. I don’t know why. It just is.

But isn’t it too cold to hang out naked? That’s a question a chump would ask. I’m sorry. I did it again. It’s an excellent question. The answer is “No.” It might be the best time of year. At least for me. The days are beautiful. At night, you’ve got clothes, a hot tub, a sauna, an on-site night club with some of the best parties I have ever been to… I mean, it makes Helen look like a chump. Damn it. I’m sorry. Helen is not a chump.

I was a mean kid. I’ll admit it. Sometimes when I write (always), the kid in me comes out and I say things I don’t mean. If only there were a way I could take these things back, I totally would. All I can really do is ask for your forgiveness.

Here’s the info you need:


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