2014: A Space Odyssey

So I was down in Florida for the winter because I am allergic to cold weather. I’m now at the Dip, because I also have an allergy to extreme heat. I basically have an allergy to anything other than the optimum temperature.

Call me a wussy. I don’t care. I would call you names in return, but no one wins that game (even though I would probably win).

I used to be pretty immature, but that was way back in… Wednesday. I’m a different person now and I refuse to be drawn into a battle of insults. I’ll simply give you the finger and move on. I might also moon you. Or throw something at you, but not something that will hurt you. Just something that will express my distaste for your childish antics. I’ve grown up. Why can’t you? Whatever.

What was I saying before you started calling me names?

Right. The park looks fantastic. A ton of improvements were made over the winter months. The last time I was here, I even helped paint something. And if I help paint something, you know there’s something important going on. I just don’t offer to help people paint things, and if I’m asked, I pretend not to speak English.

“Toe? No moto curdin tog. Trussendor!”

(“Trussendor” means “Good luck” in Mayonese.)

So what have you been doing? Go ahead and start telling me. I can hear you through your computer.

Really? That’s awesome! Go on.

That’s funny! I can’t believe she said that. What did Bill do? I bet his face was red. Anyway, enough about you. Let me tell you what’s going on with me.

Oh, I did that already? Yeah but I want to do it some more. Today I went down to the creek. Don’t tell anyone, but I was completely naked. Shhhh…

Each time I’m down there, I’m just amazed at how beautiful it is. I know I have a picture of it somewhere, and I could find it, but that would require searching in folders and looking at things with my eyes and stuff. I’m feeling a little too relaxed to go all willy-nilly clicking buttons and endlessly scrolling. You click around. I’m on vacation. Here’s the link.

4 Days later…

Friday night was awesome. We played pool, sang karaoke… It was just an excellent time. Many don’t know this about me, but I sing like an angel (being torn apart by lions).

Saturday was even better. I was able to manage to get out of bed long enough to shower and eat 2 of Mama Sue’s famous prime rib sandwiches (and cheese sticks, but only because I needed some vegetables).

Oh and this was cool. One of the members brought a telescope about the size of my home. It looked like a laser cannon and I’m still not convinced it isn’t one. It even had a remote control. You just punched in some numbers and bam! Cool space things.

Saturn is amazing. Did you know it’s a planet? I know. And those rings! If you haven’t seen Saturn’s rings through a laser cannon, you must.

I asked him when we were going to blow it up, but he kept saying it doesn’t work that way. I think he just hasn’t pressed the right buttons yet.

After the astronomy show, I found myself very tired. I think it was the combination of the late night before, the barely chewed ball of meat, cheese and bread in my stomach, and perhaps some disappointment for not getting to see a planet explode. (Whatever. I guess I’ll have to do it myself.)

It’s Sunday now, and as usual, wall-to-wall fun is planned. Some will be playing a variety of games like horseshoes, kan jam, water volleyball and a whole lot more. Others will be basking in the sun with a good book. There will even be a guy building a tiny death star and calculating how to get it into orbit with bungee cords and flares. There is simply no place like this on earth.

Last thing. My friend Gus started a blog to chronicle his own experiences living at Serendipity Park. He paints a really excellent picture of what life is like in the park. Please give it a read.



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  1. I really have no comment on this post but had one on the ready for The Breakfast Club. Imagine my disappointment when it says “Comments Closed” What’s up with that? Coward

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