2014: Let The Fun Begin

I missed the New Year’s Eve party. Several things came up and it was just impossible to get there.  I’ll bet it was a million times better than watching Ryan Seacrest countdown to 2014, but at least there’s a big shiny ball and I like those. I think everyone loves a shiny ball. Anyone who doesn’t can’t be trusted.

So what’s new at Serendipity Park for this year? Pure fun. Fun on steroids. Horse steroids.

Take a look at the event calendar here: http://serendipitywebsite.wordpress.com/events-calendar/

Poker night is on 1/17 and that’s a great opportunity to have me hand you money while we play a fun game. I’m awful at poker. One member seeks me out each time she visits. I’d use her name, but I don’t have her permission and I’m too lazy to ask. So…

Member: Hey Mayo! Let’s get a poker game going!

Me: How about I just give everyone $20.00 and we sing karaoke?

And I’m not joking. I think it’s my poker face, which seems to be more of a mirror that reflects my hand so that all at the table can clearly see it. I think I have a tell, and I think it might be my entire face. I also say, “Did I win?” a lot and that’s another good sign I should be somewhere else.

I know the weather isn’t necessarily ideal, but there are some nice days forecasted throughout the winter. And if you’re like me and have been spending much of your time inside four walls then I’ll give you some advice that everyone gives me: “You need to get out of your house. You’re starting to scare me.”


4 responses to “2014: Let The Fun Begin

  1. Nice to see you again. We were wondering if you were ever coming back

  2. Thanks for the laughs – great post! See you soon

  3. great way to start new year

  4. We have missed you Mayo! Hope to see you soon:)

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