Happy Mother’s Day!

Of course, this is to all the moms out there, but mostly mine. Don’t get me wrong.  I want all of you to have an awesome day and get all the appreciation you deserve and more. I’m just not going to do it.

If any of you are willing to raise me again, you will get a blog post in thirty-something years from now. Do you see how not worth it that is?

I am a pain in the ass and have really only gotten worse with age. Right now she’ll be saying, “Don’t say that! You’ll get hemorrhoids!” and I’ll roll my eyes.

But these are the things that moms do. They’ll care about the health of things that others would really prefer not to talk about. There are very few people out there worrying about what’s going to happen to my butt. That’s what moms do.

She visited the park once and truly loved it. She didn’t get naked, but I imagine that would take about a day of hanging out with other nude people.

I get to talk to a lot of guests with family who live here, and they always say the same thing: I get it.

I always ask because I’d like to know how people feel about having a family member that either lives here or frequently visits. And after spending some time here and getting to know the people, they all say, “I get it.”

It’s amazing how readily you’ll find yourself at ease the first time you sit around and have a conversation with a bunch of naked people. Even if you’re not naked.

Sure, it’s odd at first, then poof. That odd feeling becomes an everyday feeling of normality. And before you know it, the clothes come off and it feels pretty awesome.

My mom gets it. She’s never done it, but she can see why others do. Like most, it’s more a fear of judgement from others while  being naked in public than any awkwardness that might be felt.

But that’s the cool thing. There is no judgement and that’s kind of the point. No one notices, no one cares, and it’s just comfortable.

I was just kidding about that whole not showing appreciation for all the moms out there, but you’re not getting any more than my own mom is getting.

Primarily, this is her blog post, but if you like, you can have a little piece of it for yourself.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! I love you and hope you have a great day!

(cue tears)


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