We Had A St. Patrick’s Day Party. I’m Almost Positive.

I don’t remember much about this past weekend, but I do recall the moment I said, “As long as I don’t do any shots I should be okay.”

I then remember being led to the place where we do shots, then after that some people talking to me and saying things I hope weren’t important, me singing various karaoke songs (poorly) and finally tripping home to watch Dos Mujeres Un Camino with a bag of potato chips strapped to my face.

I remember being really pleased with myself when I identified words and translated them. “That guy said car. They’re talking about a car! And someone’s mom. Maybe someone’s mom needs a ride. Maybe that’s his mom’s car…” and so on.

It was about 5:15 before I realized I owned a television remote, but by then it was far too late to care. It was all the way over by my foot, and because it had no potato chips anywhere near it, I quickly lost interest and got back to my show.

“He just said todos. I think that means all. Maybe they all need a ride. I hope the coche is big enough. Coche means car. They might need a vano.”

It was the perfect way to end a perfect evening.

I got up around… I don’t know… daytime… and the weather was absolutely amazing. Spring had arrived and I’d say it was glorious, but I can’t because I don’t use that word under any circumstances.

The day was full of horseshoes, frisbee and Petanque (which I won for the second week in a row because I am a rolling a bigger ball at a smaller ball machine).

That night was one of the best dinners I’ve ever eaten and the party one of the most memorable you’ll ever attend, but I really don’t remember it. It seems the shot monster attacked me once again and all I recall is Gus going to his house at 3 am to retrieve a bag of microwaveable chicken wings that were devoured instantly.

Before that, I know people laughed, said words to each other, danced… Oh yeah! I was the dj at one point. That was fun. I remember playing some songs, getting distracted by someone’s funny hat, walking away and someone else responsibly taking the helm. (Thanks, Stuey.)

It was the kind of weekend you’d love to file away in your forever box, but you can’t because you were only conscious enough to move yourself from one place to the other.

I know people had a good time. I remember lots of smiles, lots of laughing and lots of faces. If you were one of them and we talked or you told me some kind of secret, consider it very safe.

With that, SPRING!!! WOOHOO!!


One response to “We Had A St. Patrick’s Day Party. I’m Almost Positive.

  1. when can you DJ for 12 minutes again?

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