Who Let The Dogs Out At The Nudist Resort?

For the second weekend in a row, I could be found hanging at the clubhouse with my friends. I don’t want to alarm anyone, but it could be the 6th sign of the apocalypse. I think the 7th is something about running out of tacos or chocolate milk. I’m sure I read that somewhere. (Probably after I wrote it.)

My point is that it’s not often I go to parties, so two in a row is almost like lightning striking the same place… about 36 times.  One could easily conclude the sky will be falling soon. (Let’s hope not, because I like that thing right where it is.  Unless we run out of tacos. Then I really don’t see the point to all of this.)

If the Mayans were right and we’ve all got until 12/21/2012, you’ll be happy to know that well before then, I will be the guest DJ and my plan is to rock the hizzy. (I’m a DJ now  so I can say that word and you just have to accept it.)

For me, this is a bucket list item. What’s great about my bucket list is it only has 2 things on it.

1. DJ a party.

2. Genetically engineer some kind of giant amphibian I can ride on sea and land that is super fast and has a siren.

I figure the technology will be there before I move into the great beyond. (If there’s a better way to go than while riding the waves on your own strobing horsigator, I’m certainly unaware of it.)

First things first. Back to me playing the songs that make the whole world dance. It’s happening September 29th, this year, before the world ends. (I’m pretty sure Stuart planned it that way on purpose.)

In all seriousness, I don’t believe at all that 12/21/12 is our last day and I fully expect humans will flourish well beyond that. Either way, I plan to be on a spaceship and best of luck. Excuse me while I note.

3. Make contact with extraterrestrials, create common bond, perhaps establish a telepathic link (construct rudimentary translator just in case), request sanctuary on their planet, pack nice lunch, hitch ride.  (Priority. Move to #2 on list.)

For now we focus on #1: The dancinest party ever.  Mark your calendars, because the songs I’ll be playing are many of the same songs you hear in your car, but they will be louder and I’ll be yelling stuff like “hizzy” and “Who let the dogs out?”

This is entertainment you can’t buy.

I’ll also be taking requests and ignoring them. Just kidding! I won’t ignore them, but I’m not promising I’ll play them because mine!

Just kidding again. This is what I do and probably why I spend a lot of time alone.


6 responses to “Who Let The Dogs Out At The Nudist Resort?

  1. Why not host a Doomsday survivor party?!

  2. 1. Good luck with the DJ party. I was a radio DJ in my younger days for a while and it was a fun job with sucky pay.

    2. You have first got to learn how to buy and keep afloat the right Kayak.

    3. You already have at The Dip. Remember I said to you “greetings Earthling from Alabama”.

  3. It’s tempting to make it down there just for this…When I saw the update on FB, I couldn’t believe it.

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