Labor Day Weekend At The Nudist Park

I’m known around here as “hermit”, and deservedly so. On the rare occasions I show up to the clubhouse it’s usually to a chorus of, “Oh! Look who decided to show up! Am I seeing things?”

Yes, I know. Because what I’m missing is a good time, and I realize it every time I go. It’s always a lot of fun and it’s always great to see my friends. As someone who has always had a bit of social anxiety, I have never been anywhere where the people are so inviting and friendly. That’s likely why for an incredible 6th time, Serendipity Park Nudist Resort was given the AANR Friendliest Park Award.

That means that out of 263 nudist parks scattered about the United States, I live in the friendliest of them all. That’s beyond cool. And to the owners, I say a sincere and heartfelt “thank you” along with congratulating you for creating such a warm and comfortable atmosphere. It wouldn’t surprise me if this were the friendliest place in the country.

So this past weekend was great (as usual) and as it cools off, those who enjoy basking nude in the sun will now come just to be with friends. Can you imagine a nudist resort where people still come when it’s too cold to be naked? Not to mention, this is one of the most beautiful places in the country and the Fall changing of leaves is incredible. As they fall to the ground, Mount Yonah becomes increasingly visible and the burst of colors transforms into a picturesque mountain view.

I’m not really a “bake in the sun” type of guy (though there are plenty more of those weekends ahead for those who enjoy it). I’d rather be snuggled up in a robe drinking hot chocolate. (I’d like to point out that’s a statement that can only be made by a man completely secure in his masculinity.) So this time of year for me is maybe my favorite, and something everyone should get to see.

On another note, I was talking to one of my friends who told me he was looking forward to reading about Saturday night in my next post. I told him not only would he read about the night, but he would even read about our conversation. Now he just has. Told you.

A couple of other things I enjoyed that night were playing pool and riding around naked on the back of a golf cart. When you go to a party and find yourself naked and standing on the back of a golf cart, you are winning the game of life.


2 responses to “Labor Day Weekend At The Nudist Park

  1. Just turned around and saw my ass on the ground. Must have laughed it off. Which is strange because I DANCED it off Sunday night to DJ Tony. Don’t know how or when I got it back on. Yeah, I did a little spaz-attack happy dance when we got the word yesterday, but hey, what’s a little spaz-attack happy dance among friends?

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