Beach Party At The Nudist Resort

Things have been extremely busy around Mayo Manor and after a hectic couple of months, I’m settling back into my routine (which is basically a lot of walking around in circles). I’ve missed much of the fun this summer, but the fun is just beginning.

This Saturday is Beach Ball I and all I have to say is “Ahhhhh yeahhhhh.”

If you’re not doing anything this weekend, you have to come. I will not take “no” for an answer. I mean it. I’m so serious. I know where you live.

Okay, I don’t know where you live, but it has recently occurred to me that you know where I live. I guess that whole thing kind of backfired. Let me rewind.

Hey, you should come out on Saturday. It will be fun. I am not threatening you in any way, shape or form and I like you. We should hang out. There will be live music, food, and while there is no beach, there is sand and water. There are also no sharks, jellyfish, stingrays or David Hasselhoffs. I should mention we don’t have seashells, but there are rocks everywhere and those are just as good for gluing to stuff or showing off to your friends. Some of them are even shiny. Rocks need love. Probably. You don’t know.

The party promises to be monstrous and honestly, I’m not even sure if there will be room for you. Call in advance to see what’s happening and check the website for contact info and directions.  This is one you don’t want to miss if you can help it.

So what’s been going on with you? Wait, don’t answer that. I can’t hear you. I’ll just tell you what’s going on with me.

My son came up for a visit and that was fun. We kayaked on the Chattahoochee, tubed in Helen, ate 872 snow crabs at a nearby restaurant and saw the new Batman movie. (I could be Batman. You don’t know.)

We had a great time and did all of this without ever having to drive more than 10-15 minutes despite the nudist resort being nestled in a seemingly remote location. This place is just the best. Have I mentioned how lucky I am to live here? If I haven’t, I’M LUCKY!!!

So I’ll get back on the stick here and start posting more frequently, the next being my adventures from the upcoming weekend of no David Hasselhoff beach fun. (I can’t say for sure that he’s not going to be here, but I guarantee the no shark thing. That’s in stone. Bank on it.)

Until my next installment, the plan involves 100% fun and likely some kind of accident in which I will cause myself  pain. Being clumsy hurts, but it’s the stuff of good stories. Everything in life is a trade-off.


One response to “Beach Party At The Nudist Resort

  1. Except for a wet start, we had a great time. Great people, great hosts, good food, didn’t mean to stay up that late. Pray for a dry day next year.

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