Nudist Chili Cook off: Awesome

I talk a lot about how awesome is to live at Serendipity Park and that’s not because I’m trying to sell you on coming here. Not that I’m not trying to sell you on coming here, I just don’t talk about how awesome it is for that reason. I talk about how awesome it is because it is AWESOME.

Sure, I can go find myself an apartment in town, make some new friends, set up an evening here and there to play Pictionary or something… perhaps spend a Saturday tossing a frisbee or going to a movie with a couple of friends, etc. Or I can walk 100 yards in my pj’s (or not) and eat the best chili ever with a great group of people, followed by a night of clean fun that really can’t be described until you do it.

The event itself is sponsored by the Travelites, an organization of traveling nudists/naturists founded and headed by Cheri Alexander. The Travelites come to Serendipity Park several times a year for various sponsored events, and why? Because as Cheri will agree, this place is awesome. 

Serendity Park nudist resort has won the AANR award for friendliest family park 5 times, and that’s no accident. This place is kind of magical. I mean, people. The below photo is where I chill out naked.

If you look at this scene and think, “Man, I’d hate to relax there naked with my loved one or even by myself enjoying nature,” then… then… I don’t know. I really don’t have an argument for that. I’m sure there a lot of things you like to do that I don’t like to do, so… we can agree to disagree. However, to think I’m a little nutty because I choose to do it? Ha! Yeah, hanging out in Eden sucks. You’re probably right. I’d much rather walk around in the mall or something, like the way nature intended. (Okay, so maybe I do have an argument. Oops.)

That being said, I’m as nutty as a box of Goobers. I never know what the hell I’m going to do next. The other day, I was thinking about building an island. I am not even joking. I do some insane things, but coming here was definitely not one of them.

Ok, so this was the first chili cook off I’ve ever attended, and man, did I knock down some chili.  It was soooooo good. Man. Mmmmm… excuse me while I reflect and rub my belly….

Ok, I’m back. That was some quality belly-rubbing time.

What continually amazes me is each time I go to some type of event, I have a better time than I did at the last. I sing karaoke, dance and talk with some of the most interesting and friendly people I’ve ever met. Frankly, it kicks frisbee-throwing’s ass. But you know what? We throw frisbees here, too! Naked! Way more fun than clothed frisbee-tossing.

For more information about Travelites or the Chili Cookoff, contact Cheri Alexander at or call at 803/695-1937.


3 responses to “Nudist Chili Cook off: Awesome

  1. mmmm…naked chili rules!

  2. Oh man I haven’t rubbed my belly in DAYS. I gotta get on that ASAP

  3. The people at Serendipity are the best ever, the facilities great. Travelites very much appreciates the super hospitality our members receive when visiting. The next time Travelites will invade 😉 will be over Memorial Day weekend. It’s super that the “Dip” has welcomed us the past few years hosting the Chili Competition. We look forward to more visits and more chili. 🙂

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