Nudism And The Workplace

If you’ve followed my personal blog at all or know anything about me, you know that when my friends are attacked or treated unfairly, I kind of become a lunatic.

I will stop at nothing to protect them.  I will put myself in harm’s way without regard for my own safety and damn all consequences. I’m not thinking about anything else other than their protection.

In the process, the problems I create in my own life will all shake out when I’m done making you go away.

A member of the park posed an interesting question about whether or not she should tell people at work she was a nudist. Of course, since I’m a loudmouth and don’t care what anyone thinks of my choices, I happily stated that I will tell anyone. I really, really don’t care.

Then again, I freelance, work independently and am lucky to have the ability to work from home. I can afford not to give a shit, wear my heart on my sleeve and nothing else. I’m lucky. Unfortunately, not all of us are.

Another member would post a warning that co-workers can’t be trusted. That ultimately, nudism is equated by many with “swinging” and once someone knows, they’ll begin to work against you. They’ll begin looking for other reasons to dismiss you, scrutinizing each and every move you make. I hadn’t thought of that. It made me angry.

Lastly, a resident commented regarding his wife’s recent job loss, which coincidentally, happened shortly after her residence became common knowledge.  This made me froth.

First of all, what happens here is not swinging. Serendipity Park is a family park and 5-time recipient of the AANR Friendliest Park award. This is because the people are genuine, kind and welcome strangers with open arms. Strangers like me.

There’s no public sex and the displays of affection are no different than one would see at a baseball game or any other public situation. That’s number one.

Number two, personally, I know very few people who won’t admit to having skinny-dipped, having kicked around the house naked from time to time or even quite regularly. My best friend falls into this category and even he won’t visit me, though he often won’t miss an opportunity to chill out at his house in the nude. It makes me want to slap him.

His excuse? Well, he’d prefer not to hang around with other naked dudes. Fair enough.  I can see having a problem with it, and personally, yes, it is an adjustment and not the norm. However, you get used to it and before long, you don’t even notice.

I was like him. I get it. I’m not going to be that reformed, reborn person who tries to convince everyone they’re missing out on life. I’m just going to say, “Shut the hell up about mine and don’t try to hurt me,” unless you want me to put a microscope on your choices, personal life, etc. and return fire. Because I will and it won’t be pretty.

Everywhere I’ve ever worked, I’ve known people who have done some pretty questionable things;  cheating on spouses, renting hookers, having sex in backrooms or hooking up for a random encounter at a hotel while supposedly at a meeting. 

I’ve worked with men who have hit their wives, and worked with women who have hit their husbands. I’ve worked with people who cheat their customers while management turns a blind-eye because the sales are there. I’ve worked with people who show up for work drunk or high on something.  And I’ve seen all of them make it through with their jobs intact, even those who were sometimes caught.

I didn’t know these people because I worked at a place that attracts them. Every business attracts them.

We are imperfect, often deceitful and most of us have something to hide.  So when a woman is descended upon from the very people mentioned above and fired because she likes to hang out naked, I want to punch everything.

Whatever your reasons and whatever your hang-ups, that is exactly what they are: Yours. If you’re the type of person who would actively seek to damage someone because they choose (without hurting anyone) to be free in a way that you can’t understand, then, ummm… you are very much the problem.

There is a word for this: Discrimination. It’s not only morally objectionable, but in fact, fills our courts with stories of injustice.

So yeah. I’m pissed. And I’m waiting for your argument. I’m waiting for you to tell me why my friend deserves this treatment, and why her choice to live here is a valid reason for her being fired. Or why she’s less of a person, incompetent, morally questionable or someone who cannot be trusted. I already know none of these things are true.

And if by chance the people who are responsible for this (or anything like it) are reading, you suck. How you can sleep at night is beyond me, and this will come back to haunt you. Karma is a bitch. And she’s very, very real.

If you want to know more about us, who we are and my choice to live here, it might be best described in a Facebook comment to one of my status updates:

I watch a lot of survival shows to remind myself that I’m going to die when we have to eat lizards.

Neighbor’s comment:

We won’t let you starve, or have to eat lizards, you are always welcome here.

This is who my friends are, and shame on you for judging them.


23 responses to “Nudism And The Workplace

  1. amen brother. i hope this reaches some of “those” people

  2. i agree with all this but “those people” aren’t reading a nudist blog unfortunately

    • I’m sure you’d be surprised how many of “those people” read nudist blogs, and for reasons having nothing to do with other than seeing naked people. And many are doing it from work. Many of these are the same people, all the more proving my point. They are the same people surfing porn and sneaking off to secret encounters. Trust me. They are here and they know who they are.

  3. I would like to think you could trust naked people more than those who are clothed for the simple reason that they don’t have pockets. Pockets can hide a multitude of sins. 🙂

  4. This is horrendous!!! And I bet simply because Georgia is a right to fire work state. It probably wouldn’t be worth taking legal action. I would at least go for a free consultation somewhere. This is taking it too far! Well said Mayo. Well said. Is this not equal to discriminating based on race, religion…..??? Good Lord what have we come to???

  5. This is by far your best work Mayo. Well written and bulls-eyed the target. I will second all your remarks and yes I can’t wait to get more out of the textile world and start spending more time with REAL PEOPLE who have nothing to hide. Serendipty is awesomeand the members are far above just awesome. I can strongly relate to your comment about the open arms welcome. Not just my first visit but the next one and next one as well.

  6. This page has been marked as a favorite place on my web browser as well as this story also printed up so I can re-read it when ever needed to remind myself of the textile world that I hope soon to put on that back burner of my life.

  7. if people arnt hurting others they should be able to live their lives as they want without discrimination.

  8. Your friends are lucky to have you, whether you or they have clothes on or not. Your loyalty could never be questioned.

  9. I appreciate your comment but I must remind you that Georgia is NOT a right to work state. Anyone can get fired without cause and without recourse. I blame the situation that caused your comment and I am also pissed about it, on some who think they are more Christian than the rest and that is what we live with in this Bible belt. I can not stand hipocrits that will come to me personally as it has happened in the past and greet me with a smile which I know is a hipocritical one and say Hi, I am a Christian to start a conversation. Guess what my answer after the first one is now. Do you want some french fries to go with that? I am a Catholic, therefore I believe in God and Jesus, I am as much of a Christian as anyone else who worships in a different denomination. Her fate at her place of work probably was caused by one of those with Christian grandiose feelings. It SUCKS !

  10. Mayo, not only Karma is a bitch, but GOD watches and writes it down in that book of afterlife.

  11. I agree. Unfortunately we are outnumbered by fearful, ignorant, closed-minded morons. I made the mistake of telling some people at work about my nudist lifestyle years ago and like you mentioned, I was labeled as a “swinger” (I am not). It made (and still makes) for a complicated, unnecessary work environment. I would love to not give a shit about telling people about my lifestyle – I’m not ashamed of it and I believe it is a superior one. Unfortunately I am forced to work with morons at this time and my path of least resistance is to shut the hell up about it.
    Great post! Someday I hope to visit Serendipity Park, it looks like an amazing place.

  12. Wow, one of the best posts about nudism I’ve read in a long time. I am very open about my nudism at work, and have experienced the exact same type of scrutinization that you mention, mostly by people of questionable morals who brag about their affairs and manipulations, while looking upon me as a freak because I enjoy nude recreation.
    P.S. I was married at Serendpity 10 yrs this July – Say Hi to everyone

  13. Very well said.. No one will know what it is like until they experience themselves. We are glad to have you here to express these feelings that some of us might not have the chance to ourselves and reach as far as you can. We love having you as our family her at The Dip :o)

  14. Great post Hot-Shot! Home run…now unhermitize yourself and get your ass down to the clubhouse. You got fans down here wanting to meet you.

  15. Amen, well said. I truely love your blogs, remind me to never piss you off! lol

  16. You make me very proud !!!!

  17. Damn straight..tight ..neat..on target excellent to outstanding post. When I get to the Dip one day, I want you for my friend. You rock!

  18. 10 years ago, the conversation came up at a company outing that we were nudist. Hr called me in and stated we can’t have that conversation at company functions….. they can’t discrimate where you live, but because we were managers it might be construded that if someone didn’t come up to the DIP, they might be discrimated against…… a bull shit response……none the less, legal and enforceable.

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