Happy New Year From Serendipity Park

After spending the holidays with family and friends, I slid into the nudist park at about 9:00 pm on New Year’s Eve. Truth be told, after a couple of weeks of being on the road, Christmas shopping, re-stapling the plastic walls on my outhouse… pretty much the same thing everyone else was doing, I was very tired and it took all my will to get to the party. Though for whatever reason, I knew I needed to be there to welcome in 2012.

The thing I love about Christmas shopping is when it’s over. I love to give gifts, I just don’t like knocking people over to get them.

For example, I was watching the news and saw some people trampled in a doorway during a Black Friday sale. And I remember thinking, “I wish that doorway led into space.”

If you’re the type of person who tramples another person to save 40% on an iPod, iPad, or any other iPhenomenon, then I don’t want to know you. I think that’s fair. Because when my very safety becomes less of a concern than your ability to save like never before, I want to be as far away you from as possible. I also think that’s fair. God forbid that it’s food or water we’re after.

Scenes like this remind me of my choice to be here, because I know I’ll never see a man’s spine become the beaten path to one day savings. I know that if I’m in crisis, everyone will do their best to lift me up, not step on me to get what’s theirs. In what type of place would you rather be?

This “naturist blog” isn’t about trying to sway public opinion about nudism. It’s simply about my own experiences living in this nudist resort.

We could argue all day long about whether or not walking around in the nude is acceptable behavior (and it totally is), but nudists or naturists get that you don’t want to see them naked and also understand how they’re largely perceived by the outside world. That’s why they do it in a controlled environment around other people who don’t care.

From time to time, one of us escapes and can be seen running across a football field or through a mall, but everyone enjoys the hell out of it. The only person who actually gets hurt is the naked guy and police get the best story ever.

As you'll notice, the two officers without their heads embedded in the man's ass cheeks seem quite amused, as am I. And I'll bet you the person on the other end of the phone is laughing uncontrollably. "Right now I'm at the game, running across the field naked and being chased by three cops!" I never get phone calls like this and I am extremely jealous.

Actually, the way I have come to understand nudism is that it has nothing to do with looking at naked people or having other people look at you naked, but everything to do with the freedom of just not giving a rat’s ass and being comfortable in your skin.

It’s not about voyeurism, exhibitionism and if any “ism” can be applied, it should be applied to the word freedom. So, freedomism. That’s what I’m calling it from now on. So there.

This nudist blog is a crazy story about a man who had everything, lost everything and is now trying to piece it all back together.

I was led to this place for a short visit. Now I live here. And even though it’s 43 degrees in my cabin right now, I’m doing what I love in a place I love to be.

I think I’m finally starting a year the right way and hope that everyone feels the same. (Meaning that you think you’re starting out the year the right way, not that you think I am. That’s kind of irrelevant. I realize some things aren’t about me.)

Happy New Year, people, and please stop crushing other people in value-driven stampedes of fury. It’s not nice.


7 responses to “Happy New Year From Serendipity Park

  1. “If you’re the type of person who tramples another person to save 40% on an iPod, iPad, or any other iPhenomenon, then I don’t want to know you.”

    Hear! Hear!

  2. I agree with everything you said and it couldn’t have been said better! Thank you

  3. Has to be your finest blog Mayo. You hit every point right on the head and yes I envy your new lifestyle. Not many will get to try it and fewer will ever be comfortable enough to do so. That’s sad. I wish your living condition was more comfortable and with time I’m sure it will be made that way. I myself look forward and with fingers crossed for luck that in a couple more months I will be living outside the gates but close enough to be a regular face often there.
    Tale care my good man, keep up the written and stay warm as you can. Spring thaw will be here before you know it.

  4. Most of us here did have it all at one point in our lives. We lost it also but found something that meant alot more. Great friends!! Its not the material things in life that matter anymore.

  5. Very well written, you have it down just right. Simple nudity is so good and so pure yet spurned by so many, mainly because they have never experienced it.

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