It’s All About The People

My kids are awesome. I’m sure your kids are awesome, too, but I’m very lucky that I get to speak with both of them in a very adult, honest manner and receive feedback that really helps me.  It’s great.

I was just talking to my son about living in a nudist resort, a fact that both my daughter and son think is pretty cool.  When told of my story, one of my son’s friends said, “That’s some James Bond shit right there.”

And that’s precisely what I was thinking. You remember the one where James Bond said, “Screw it, M. I’m going to run around naked forever.” It was one of my favorites. I think it was called “The Man with the Golden #$%!”

I’ve applied for my license to kill, but I’m not sure if they’re legal in Georgia or if you have to be a British super agent or if they really exist at all.  The website said they were only $50 and perfectly legitimate, so watch out enemies. The certificate is supposed to be e-mailed when my check clears.

I’m just kidding, of course. Just because I have an official license doesn’t mean I’ll use it. For $100 I got a brain surgery certification and I haven’t used it once (in this country).

I’m just trying to tell you not to worry, that’s all.

Anyway, you might not be able to tell, but I have focus issues. What I was going to tell you is what I was explaining to my son before I went off on my little tangent about being 007.

Would it be weird to be naked and only wearing a shoulder holster? The tan lines would be awful. Looks like I might just have to use my hands to dispense lethal justice. Either way. Whatever.

So, what I was telling him is why I think one of the reasons I’ve always been uncomfortable in social situations is that, in a certain respect, everyone is a little guarded.  Not everyone, maybe, but most are engaged in small talk and often not the same person they are at home or with a close loved one. You know what I’m talking about. There’s just a certain amount of discomfort and a mask most of us put on for gatherings. And what I’ve noticed when interacting with naked people, at least the naked people at Serendipity Park, is that the discomfort doesn’t seem to exist. Everyone’s an open book, and I think it has a lot to do with the fact that they’re naked.  It’s the greatest thing ever.

It’s almost as if shedding your clothes and unveiling your naked body triggers something in you, and when someone asks you a question, you just blurt out the truth. I’ve heard some of the most interesting stories and found myself telling stories that before I wouldn’t have dared telling to a group of strangers. It’s crazy, but it’s awesome.

I think that’s a major part of the appeal to me and why I ended up here for the long haul. The people are genuine and you typically know exactly what’s going on in their minds. It’s refreshing and very easy to make friends in a setting like that.

You can take my theory on this psychological phenomenon for what you think it’s worth. I’ll admit I’m not a psychologist… well, at least not a trained one. I do have a certificate that says I can provide psychotherapy, acupuncture and palm readings, but I don’t have anything published in medical journals or anything. Yet.


5 responses to “It’s All About The People

  1. The Man with the Golden #$% was always my favorite. Except for Moon#$%er.

  2. Which one was #$%galore in? Was it From #$% With Love?

  3. That makes sense. I’m never more my real self than when I’m laying naked in bed with my husband. Zero inhibitions. I would freak if my parents were nudist though, you have some really cool kids there.

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