Less Frequently Asked Questions For First Time Nudists Like Me

You might think hanging around naked is odd or that the people who choose to do it are weird. And until two weeks ago, I might have agreed with you.

My preconceived notions would quickly be eliminated when I met Stuart and Paul, the proprietors of Serendipity Park.

When you take your first meeting with a nude man or see a naked man riding a lawnmower, a lot of things go through your mind. The first thing for me was,

Why am I here?

Well, that story is very interesting and I’ll save it for another time. Serendipitous, one might call it. For now I’ll focus on my time here, which turned out to be the best vacation I’ve ever had.

I had some concerns of my own and I imagine that your concerns might be similar. If you have some questions, I have some answers.

I hate my body and I can’t imagine being naked in front of other people. In fact, I have nightmares about being naked in public. Sometimes I’m at work, other times I’m at school and sometimes it’s Buckingham Palace and the Royal Family is throwing almonds at me.

I think we’ve all been here. The vast majority of us do not look great naked. I am one of those people, and it’s not fair that only a very small part of the population should get to experience being naked. Up their perfect asses, I guess is what I’m really saying, but I am trying to be super polite about it.

The first thing I noticed when I undressed is that no one looked, no one cared and I might as well have been clothed. The only difference is, I wasn’t and it was awesome.

I’m kind of a germophobe and ass germs concern me. A nudist resort strikes fear into the very heart of me.

Ass germs should concern you. They are silent killers. I’m often made fun of for my germophobia and this was a big issue for me. For instance, I haven’t eaten a piece of birthday cake since 1992.

First, everyone has a towel to sit on and it’s policy.  I think it’s a great one. Also, there are showers everywhere and all who enter the pool or hot tub must use them first. People are more conscious of it here and do it more than I’ve seen at other public pools. And, I have not yet met the bathing suit that can contain ass germs when submerged, so nudity in the pool or hot tub and its hygienic qualities vs. non-nudity in the pool has virtually no distinction, except that swimming naked is better. You already know this.

Will people be fornicating like in a Roman bath house or touching each other’s private… now not so private areas?

No, not unless you peek in their windows. Then we can’t make any promises, but we can promise you that you’d have to leave. This is simply about being naked and enjoying nudity. It’s not about sex, looking at naked people and it’s not a place to come hook up for a night, despite the fact that 90% of the work is already done. You could find romance here, like anywhere, but if you’re looking to meet naked people and have public sex, there are places for that and this is not one of them. This nudist park is for family recreation and inappropriate conduct will lead to you being set on fire and beaten with thorny sticks… wait. That’s a different place. Here I just think they ask you to leave.

This is a family nudist park? Does that mean children will see you naked?

That’s a matter of perspective. Technically, they will see you, but you might as well be invisible. Naked to these children is as normal as seeing a squirrel run up a tree. They grow up free of  the self-image issues with which many of us struggle our whole lives. To them, the naked body, in all its forms, is not something of which to be ashamed. Anyone who disagrees with that logic and thinks it’s healthier to hate yourself until you are perfect needs to do some re-thinking of things.

But aren’t you concerned about sexual predators?

Always. I’m walking around naked now so I have to stay sharp. And I’m not the only one. In fact, your children are safer here than they are at any public pool or beach. This is a small community with many parents, and all of them are watching all of the children, all of the time. I imagine the last place a sexual predator would want to be found is behind those gates and I also imagine they, for obvious reasons, would be very easy to spot. Honestly, I shudder to think what might happen to one. Some of the men  look like they can lift cars. I’m thinking of asking one to carry me around in a backpack or something until I get a golf cart.

Do I have to get naked?

Serendipity Park is not what’s called “clothing optional” but more “clothing comfortable.” Take the time you need to acclimate and disrobe when you feel comfortable doing so. For many, it takes some time, because self-image issues can be crippling. Here, that goes away. If you find you’ll never be able to, that’s okay, but you can’t come forever without at least the intention of working your way up to it.

For many, the difficult part is picturing themselves being naked in front of other people. No one wants their naked body to be scrutinized. Here, it’s not. When you’re in a setting where people don’t care and it’s no big deal, you actually finally get a break from your self-hate and it might even disappear altogether. It is that powerful.

I noticed many women walking around with clothes or robes or a towel wrapped around themselves so they still get to be naked, just covered. Some get naked here and there, some reserve nudity for the pool… I get naked everywhere. In fact, I have been building stuff naked and despite using power tools, I can still call myself male.

Is it awkward at first hanging out with naked people? 

A little, but it goes away within minutes and before you know it, you’re buying a house, having naked business meetings and writing a blog for the naked park. I’m not saying everyone’s experience will go exactly that way, but it could happen.

What is there to do?

What is there not to do? There’s a pool table, a Wii, a foosball table, a dance floor, a karaoke stage, water volleyball, horseshoes, naked hiking to the most beautiful creek setting I’ve ever seen, an exercise room for naked working out, good people, good times.

I’m really just looking for a peaceful vacation and not a party.

Oh, then you have to come. The weekends are a little busier but there’s still plenty of room to spread out and enjoy nature. You could always take a couple of days during the week, which is what I did. Most of my time spent was walking through the woods, whittling sticks, staring at random objects, singing along to the 80’s hits playing in my head or watching movies in my camper. You might think these things don’t sound like much fun, but everything is fun when you’re naked.  It is true that “You don’t have to take your clothes off to have a good time…”  But if you want to have a better one, you do.

I did play in a naked 9-ball tournament and didn’t hit one shot. Walking around naked is one thing, bending over a surrounded pool table… I wasn’t quite ready for that. But before you know it, I will become the free-balling 9 balling king.

I want to live there forever and ever. Can I?

I know! Me too. I just might. There are cabins, permanent RV spaces… In fact, I loved it sooo much, I bought a little log cabin on wheels and just had it delivered. I installed an air conditioner while totally naked, and then I stood in front of it totally naked. It was awesome.


28 responses to “Less Frequently Asked Questions For First Time Nudists Like Me

  1. My name is Stuey and I approve this message.

    • Thanks, Stuey, master of keeping things fun around here. I still don’t like the sound of kan-jam, but I trust you and am glad you assured me that it’s not what I thought it was.

  2. I very much enjoyed reading the blog. Good job!

  3. My nme is 2M Timm and I also aprove this message

  4. Loved it!!!!! So funny especially being carried around until you get a golf cart.. Really not a bad idea. LOL. I have to say you will not find any better friends and family because when you are naked you are all in one the same. No one knows what you do or who you are unless you tell them. It is a great experience.

    • I agree. It is a great experience and hopefully I’ve made one or two friends that will be willing to carry me around. That’s the true test of friendship. Glad you liked it!

    • It’s the staff and residents that make The Dip such a great place. Well the beauty of the grounds and faucilities go a long way also. Nothing but smiles from friendly people. Gina, Stuey, Paul and everyone else rocks there!

  5. Rick Morrison

    It is good to meet you glad to have you part of our little community.

    • And it’s good to be a part of the community. If I had known walking around naked was this much fun I would have been arrested a long time ago.

  6. Randy and Vicky

    A sincere thank you for the open and honest presentation of our park and our members and visitors…..to us, we are part of the most positive, fun loving group we could ever meet and you are now seeing it as well….welcome!

    stop by and see us at Lot 14! Juicy may even sing ya a song!

    Randy Pan Slicer Man and Juicy…

    • And a sincere “You are welcome!” No thanks needed, however, because when I’m there, I fully relax and it’s one of the only places I can do that, if not the only place.

  7. Two words. REALITY SHOW. With blurry little squares for us squares at home.

    I kid. That would never make it on TV—normal people doing stuff naked would surely set off the censors.

    (Sadly, if you want to be naked on TV, it has to be sensationalistic and titillating and you have to be perfect. Unless you’re Dennis Franz, of course. He always gets a pass.)

    Okay, seriously…my one and only question is about the towels—do you always sit on the same side?

    Because if you don’t then you’re inadvertently putting your ass germs from the towel on the surface you’re trying to keep clean.

    Just wondering if there’s a “This side up” kind of thing in place that lets you know which side to put your butt on?

    • I agree it should totally be a reality show. And to answer the ass germ question, I think it comes down to this: From what I’ve seen, people here are cleaner, more well-groomed (aside from me) and are more aware and conscious of each other. Also, the argument can be made that nothing harbors germs more than clothing, especially as we’re all told to cough into our shirts. (Gross!) So I think what you find is fewer germs and fewer people doing gross stuff, because they are keenly aware. You know how I am, and I can gladly put the “germophobe stamp of approval” on the process, at least at this particular park.

  8. You are a loon, but a fascinating one.

    That has nothing to do with what you are or aren’t wearing.

  9. I was with you there for a minute… Really, you almost had me to the point where I was ready to free ball it…

    Then all of a sudden…

    All I could think about were ass gnats and mosquitos… And that made me scared…

    Not regular scared…

    I’m talking, riding around on my big wheel through empty hotel hallways and suddenly turning the corner to see to creepy twins holding hands and saying… “Hello Todd… Come and play with us.” scared!

  10. I meant TWO creepy twins… not to creepy twins… Sounds like I was seeing to two creepy twins… Like a good nanny would do. Sometimes I’m such a fail!

  11. Izzy, good question! Mayopie, good answer!

  12. Hush, hush mate, if u keep writing such good blogs, the rent is going to go up! They will have to hire someone at the front gate to direct the traffic jam. All kidding aside, well done. This is a great place and wonderful, wonderful people from staff to menbers, A to Z. I am sure happy to be here and now I am thinking it is time to move permanently as well. Be well and keep on writing, ur great at it and certainly a welcomed character. Ur going to fit in really well.

  13. Just found the blog thru the newsletter, LOVE IT! Send it to some “people who have questions.” We’ve been visiting The Dip for about 14 or so years. Look forward to seeing you all again in a couple weeks. Thanks! . . . and Kan-Jam is more fun to play than watch!!! Thanks Stuart!

  14. But, where are you??? We see your black SUV by your cabin and we never see you at the clubhouse or even outside your RV. I guess you hide naked too. LOL You did a great job on the blog. Are you digging journalism by any chance. WELCOME to the DIP and let ya be seen sometime, will ya. Take care


  16. Mayo, I just finished the first I think ten pages or so of the book. The title is “The Metamorphosis of a Cuban Banana into an American Igloo” I need your personal E-mail to start e-mailing you the stuff for you to review and correct if necesary. Thanks, call me, 678-583-4111, Manny

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